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spot the difference

Spot the difference

A classic observation games. In this game, the child must discover the errors that have occurred during the reproduction of an original image. More particularly, the child must find 4 or 5 errors according to the drawings.

game of shapes

Game of 2D shapes

In this game, you must associate a simple geometric shape with its shadow. Series of exercises in which the problem is growing.

game of shapes

Game of 3D shapes

Same game as before, but this time the forms are represented in three dimensions.

shade game

Shades game

This game is based on the same principle as the previous two games. The difference here lies in the fact that the forms are many and varied..

chronological game

chronological game

In this game, You have to put 5 images in a specific order. The order to respect is the chronological order. Several sets of images are available in this game.

combinations game

Combinations game

The goal of this game is to combine 2 images on a specific criterion. This criterion can be for example to associate pictures of animals with their food.

Tower of Hanoï game

Tower of Hanoï

A puzzle game where you have to stack the rings of various sizes in accordance with a specific order and respecting the rules of movement imposed.

Page containing a series of online educational games and exercises. These games are for children aged 3 to 12 years.



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